Texted my son for the zillionth time this week.  Stressing.  His expensive new car needs a 2000$ fix and he doesn’t have the money .  I got so lost in another problem that i lost track of his issue and tonight i feel like im holding up the Titanic.

My ship is crashing about five ways at the same time.  EVERYTHING is on tge block.  My housing, my medical and dental insurance, my MH providers, my. churvh and RCIA, i see as i write it all down why im stresding so badly.  And then rhere are the reasons fir each area beung sensitive that i am dealing with, all at the same time.

I went to Catholuc.com for prayers, and laid ny whoe life out.  The prayers are WORKING.  Its just too much at once.

I know that God knows whats good for me and nit to worry.  Hoping for a posituve and proactive day tomorrow.

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