California, a Pro-Life Novel is available for purchase

above link to has been updated AGAIN 9/29 11:41 AM

California, a Pro-Life Novel, by Abigail Hill, is available for purchase for 9 dollars at the bookstore.  It is 97 pages long.  The “novel” describes the beginning of Bill and Abby’s marriage in sunny California.  The Pro-Life Blog contains reflections on the sad, painful abortions that blight their marriage and their son’s life with sorrow and leave them separated and cast to the winds.


Another book, “Every Cloud…”  will be coming out soon.  Also by Abigail Hill, in this book Abby reaches a deep understanding of the abortions and final redemption:

“As I have asserted elsewhere, we prepare for ALL our children: the miscarriages and abortions, as well as the born childrenand probably the children we dont have because of birth control methods.  This explains so much longing and confusion in our lives that keeps only the galvanized feminists satisfied.”

“California, a Pro-Life Novel,” is a necessary pre-cursor for this second book.





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