It is well

I made a junk edit on my 2nd book “Evety Cloud… ” which is bringing fantastic change and insight but i cant bring myself to trust it.  I cut out a swathe of type that had been written online, a bunch of seemingly endless Authors Notes and Introductions: and i dont have a hard copy!  Mostly it was the writing about Roberto, the Puerto Rican street person with whom i had a relationship; because he followed me in my mind all rhe way to Californua to the osych ward where they had me in 4 point restraints on my belly when i was 4 monrhs pregnant.  (“A beautiful baby for you for me,” he said to me.)

The Lord has me cutting all that sort of thing out.  I thought that because i lived it, and also wrote about it, it must be valuable.  Its still unrelenting.  I feel ive done something wrong

I see that i was a disgusting person–just as Lord Adrian at Hutton said about me.  I was upsetting people.

Im waiting on an answer from the Lord. i am reassured:  there always is one, i remember; just as Lord Adrian came to like me when he knew me better.

Si now, yes, it is well, He hasnt shown me yet about the cutting out all that ?valuable? text but i trust that he will.

I trust that it will probably be along the line of entrusting MANY,  MANY losses to St Anthony of Padua for a whole new landscaspe off my life.

“It is well with my soul.”  (Quoting Christian radio. )

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