She knows who she is and what she did

This post is about a self-identified “Stanford faculty brat.”  She was so boring and negative i don’t even want to write this post.  For her Hutton was an obligation.  What a loss.  I was struggling with the same feelings for heartbreaking reasons.  For me that was a passion and a problem.  For her it was a  status and an agenda and i was too undereducated to know what to do about it.  For instance, she informed she would have me as a roommate sophomore year.  I did not know that that was going down at that time and i hadnt formed an opiinion about it yet.  If i had had information i might have floated as a single roommate and attached to another gtoup of wimen.  I did talk to  one other girl about  rooming with her and she encouraged me to stay with  Miss S.

Quote:  “i dont see how people who arent pretty can have sex.”  This was how she put a divide between me and the third Freshnan roommate, a plain but very nice girl from Ohio  who i loved right away.

Thus woman was a SHARK.  She went into my private papers to show my college personal essay–which was eccentric–to people who came to the room.

As time wore down in a slow burn during the fall semester of senior year we were still roommates.  She had annexed my career at “Hutton” (not its real nane) to hers.    As the daughter of a dean she had power to do this, evidently, well she did do it.  She had lots of people helping her.  I was sick that final senester and i felt that i was off course because of her but i couldnt put it into words..  It took YEARS’–unil TODAY–WHEN I AM 56 YEARS –to see her working her advantage.

It comes with finally realizing that she copped some sex off my freshman and sophomore year boyfriend , who she always made a point of disdaining when he and i were together.  He came to our room on that wild night when everything was going down at Hutton College and i thought afterwards that he he must have come to see her, he seemed surprised to find me alone.  Today im thinking he did–come to see her that is.  Now its 35 years later and all that time i held a sacred trust.  And i was a fool.

Yes i was an oddball at “Hutton” but there were lots of us i you dam bitch.  I broke some basic rules but i had a place there  which i claim in the here and now by unceremoniously DUMPING YOU.  And you know who you are.

More on this.



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