Nasty; 2


Last time i exoerienced an attack like this (see my last post)  i couldnt accept that it was real because it was so cruel.  Now i know that this is exactly what Satan does.


He attacked like this a year and a half ago when i was an inpatienr on an extended acute care psychiatric unit and an angel appeared to me when i was praying the rosary and told me that my abortion was forgiven.  I looked for someone to pray fir me, i wanted to talk to the doctor but i was afraid to wait and i grabbed a young, black male psych tech whoveas ysually nice to me and asked him yo pray for ne.  And something really bad happened, i ended up–weeks later–unwittingly making an accusation if sexually inainappropriate behaviour when i really just wanted to understsnd something he did and i ended uo getting raulroaded there.  We had been friends.

Now im looking at the rest if my life and wondering whether Satan was responsible for other moments that i never looked at that way.

So this is a watershed monent.

Satanvis still ha mnering on me now.  He is doing it to me in this posting, im not able to get clear about the day and what ti say about it.

So i will go again and come back again.



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