Today, SATAN IS RRAL.  Its been so long id firgotten.

It started at the orthopedic office where i went for a check on my little.finger, which i broke when i went to the city nearby here wbere i received services 32 years agi when my family first moved here.  I fell on the payment.  All of a sudden a dozen pairs of hands were helpig me up, thank you, thank you, im okay, i said, and they disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

I was turned diwn at the orthopedics office at first and tben they made room for me.

Last night, zfter a beautiful day  i was up dealing with a horrible atress about my mother trying to harm my son over his new car, which needs repairs. I fought it out in my head and i prevailed but i woke up feeling desperate.  I only woke up because if a phone call, and i had just enough tine to make it to the doctors appountnent without a shower.

It turned out i was almost an hour early for the appointment but before i found that out Satan had attacked.  The last words i heard were I love you Mom from my son and then i heard Annie Lenox, “No more I love you’s” (the song playing at the orthopaedists office) and i couldnt get away from it, it was horrible, it played again and again, “No more I love you’s.”  So i had been waiting for about 40 minutes and i started to panic.  I asked the x-ray yech whi had taken pictures of my finger to ask what was the hokdup.  It turned out i had the appointment time wrong.  But my guiding voice told me this was a lie!  It turned out to be complicated.  I checked my calendar which i had with me and it verified that they were correct.  I had checked a note i had taken elsewhere when the call came to confirm my appointment.  Si i assumed that that was where i had gotten the wrong time.  So laughed it off and told the PA who came in what had happened and i apologized.

Now as for my guiding voice, it had just gone out if its way to make a point of saying something in another note was meant literally.  And Sister M. explained to me that even in the Bible some things are not meant literally but need to be considered in context.  Si i wasnt upset when i czme hone and checked that note and found out that it did cinfirm that the appointnent time that THEY  had was correct.  My guiding voice when it said they were lying was just moving me tbrough the moment.  I wasnt doing vety well and i needed to get out of there.  So a PA saw me and they didnt make me wait for the doctor.  God bless them.

Before reaching this momet above that i only now see in perspective as i write it out i took the driver side mirror off my car when i went to park it in the barn in my clumsy confusion.

More on this im too tired to finish telking the story if thus HORRIBLE attavk by Satan to try to take diwn some really awesome progress in my life– and this has happened before and this tine i know better what to do.

More on this.




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