…is the day after yesterday, the day to implement what yesterday said   and i did!  I talked to my father about my mother, Sister M the nun and Miss D the therapist.  About the sexual damage.  That as my father he should be the one man i can trust.  And about needing “a bit of testosterone in this sea of progesterone.”  And relational order.  I asked him to put in a good word for me with my ex husband.  I just went ahead and dd it.

And i learned that he is mentally incompetent.

…a couple of hours later:

Hes not that bad.  He got a dumb idea that i was coming on to him because of a helpless sexual reaction i had late in the day when i was hot and tired early in the summer.  I panicked but nobody helped.  I think i can trust my thoughts so far as to know that now he realizes his mistake.  I dont see him knowing where to go with it.  But i have an ally in my son who lived here with him for 5 years so, Allelujah!  It is well.

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