This is for real they really do it.  They tell people this lie.  Im afraid to repeat it because somebody else will believe it.  Two peopke i repeated it to didnt think that it was common sense that t it was a lie.  She said that i put a metal pepper shaker IN MY VAGINA when i eas 2 years old.  She said it to my face and I knew she was saying it to other people.  It was during the time following when my son told me he stumbled on emails frm her to my ex sister in law about me that upset him.  My nephew (whom i was never permitted to have much contact with) was experiencing psych symptoms.

They will go to any length to try to discredit my true claim that he sexually abused me w hen i was 17.  Moreover ny brother tried to rape me when i was 12.  And something  happened at the beach when i was 13 that i cant remember because i went away to boarding school shortly afterward and it got blocked it out.  I am coming nearer to that time now as i am FINALLY, after 35 YEARS in mental health treatment getting help with my sexual abuse issues.  Thank you and God bless you, Miss D.  Now, i am able to move forward through things like this and i feel that God is on my side.

They were just out there talkng at length to the roofing man and there were some innuendos.  Instead of quaking in my shoes uo here in my bedroom, i cane here to post and whatever may have been said , i stood my ground.  I know how things used to gi around in Florida, it eas azvrumir mill.  It never occurred to me that it could be the same here.    But im safe.  God’s on ny side.

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