Help Help

Hes doing it to me.

My mother was exposed and he covered her over by attacking me.  I was waiting all day for her to take me to the auto repair shop so he took over.  He called me crazy–just used the word and let it hang in rbe air–and tbe repair guy said i guess ill just leave it at that tben

And i said to myself well that’s wbat no griwn up little girl wants is for her father to call her crazy..

And i conftonted him and be denied it and that’s why i came hete.  Its juzt like i said in my last post.  This is British Parliamentary style in full force and i can hear my therapist right now telling me she doiesnt believe me.

My fathet us a nasty man.

He is a sadomasochist.

The good thing is that i got to call him on the “little shtick” incident.


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