My ex husband a social revolutionary

“Every Cloud…” went to the production team a few days ago.  The interior is complete, i am still gathering together the materials for the cover.

I put in a line on the back cover about being married to a social revolutionary.  I think i took it out when i made a preliminary attempt to shorten the blurb for brevity.  Its much too long.

But as these last few days pass ive been wondering what happened to my total rewrite.  My life is radically reshaping.  The material in the book was developed 2 or more years ago and its stalled out because i cant change the title and ive used blog material again and that’s really hard to work with.  But ive said everything aleady in my blogs and other past writings.  I dont know how to start fresh.

It may come down  to clever editing within the parameters of self-publishing.  Or it may take an expensive  retech.  Im looking at this project and taking it more seriously.  I could actually try to write somehimg worthwhile.

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