Teeth yanked

Just got 3 teeth yanked.  It hurt but it felt good because they were bad teeth.

I was clenching my pelvis, because the pain goes right through it.

Now im sitting on the couch in rhe  cottage spitting blood and saliva into tissues.  This is the one time the extra spit from the medication Clozaril is really a bother.

My mother is being s bitch.  She went with me, and paid for part of it, which was really nice.  But then she said things lime “it cost too much.”  “You dont need Vicodin.”

What i came hete to say earlier is that i noted thast she was being punished by my Dad for her maslfeasance coming between me and my husband and this was a major deal.  So she was being nice because she had to.  Now i am hearing him out there.  Could it be that he is talking to her again?

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