Now ive got this situation.

“We’ve decided to go to the opera today,” my mother said at about 11:30.  And then i put it together a few minutes ago.  Theyve been “battening down the hatches” as rhis Kavenaugh hearing progressed and they got tbeir cue last night:  the judge will be confirmed.  1 for all falsely accused good men.  The only problem, dad, is thst you werent falsely accused,  you did what i said.  And your denying it left me abused within the very mental health system where i sought help.  You lied dad.  And that takes away fom your claim that you are a good man.  Fess up. Dad.

Meanwhile ive been preoccupied with an EVIL that cuts closer to my heart, the horrible sin of ABORTION and fortunately it hardly matters to me any more what you did, its just a nuisance that i cant say it without getting an argument.


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