The miracle that was completely real

A good post for a Sunday.

Since i didnt make it to Church.

I have kept getting intimations that it will all end with love, and not to forget this.  All these horrible trials with my mother and father.  And last night/this morning it did.

I came home from last minute clothes shopping and when i got up to my room–the second floor of the cottage–i put on the recording of the Revelation by Karen Heimbuch with the London Symphony Orchestra.  It is a marvelous performance.  And i didnt want to stop listening to go out for a smoke.  The long and the short of it is that i stayed up late listening to the whole thing (its a word for word dramatic recitation of the whole Book of Revelation in the Bible. ) and fell asleep exhausted.  I woke up in the morning lost and troubled.  Finally, well, no, not finally, i thought this is it, theyve done something criminal now (they had an alibi at the opera); they stayed out late and brought me a doggie bag which she knows i take offense at, and i lve asked her not to.  They go out all the time, it gets old.

So this mornong it came back around to the hole in the sky from lisstening to the Revelation recording.  Thats how it seemed.  And i saw that it blew wide an avenue for love; i was left listening and wide open to God’s Love and in the morning it was like the rear guard action of Love pulled around to collect them as well.  And this is what ive been waiting on.

This is HARD POSTING.  They are resisting.

More later.

If yiu read ny last post youll understand in context why i wouldnt want them to bring me their leftovers or a whole plate if food for that matter.  It makes me seem like a real meanny.  Shes playing to the crowd.

I realized today that they are the ENTIRE problem i face.  Everything else falls away.

Now my son has been here and my friend called while he was here.  I put her iff until he left.  Good rhing– he was going over to ny mother, who would have harmed him and me.  Si thus time I had rge alibi.



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