My beautiful marriage

1- me the WORST driver in the world

he learned on the German Autobahn at 90 miles per hour

2- he got a survey engineering degree at UNB, the “UNB mafia”

I was on the Hutton Dove literary magazine

3- I didn’t wash when I was a child and was accustomed to scuz

he had a horrible skin condition; see my last two posts “one on one makes one” and “things we turn a blind eye to”

4-he spent high school on a Canadian military base in Germany

5-I spent high school on top of an Apalachian mountain in Connecticut

6-he was Scot of Clan Chattan, clan of the cat

I had a burning issue with cats

7-his family was Scottish/English/Irish in Canada

8-my family was English/Irish in America

9-he was a refugee in City of S from a Hurricane

I was a refugee there from the State Hospital there

10-we both started out in Boston  and might have met at the Black Rose Cafe if I had stayed there.  He had to come find me.

I was just saying to myself the other day that I had never been anybody’s 10 but here it is, you have it live.  I am sending this note to him if I can getting my copy function to work.  Wordpress is blowing up my site, possibly at the instagation of my father.  They won’t answer my support query, I’ve been trying since yesterday.


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