End of Novena to St. Jude; starting another Novena to St. Jude?

I have a feeling that i am going to be doing back to back Novenas ti St. Jude for quite some time. Im winding up the first; it has been breathtaking. It ends, as i move into the last of todays 6 prayers on this 9th and last day of the Novena, on a problem with my father that leaves me speechlessly angry. It takes me back to 2003, when i was a patient on “Strangeman’s” psych ward ib Tampa, when i did something aa ignorant as he just did to me and ruined someone elses hospital stay. That never got resolved–until now. I sense i am moving inti a whole new area with my second Novena to St. Jude. A Novena is a prayer that you say for 9 days. St Jude is honored as the saint if difficult, lost, even impossible causes. After putting up about 10 or more desoerate prayer requests at catholic.com i realized the need to take matters into my own hands and pray the Novena Their prayers have been WORKING.

So yes what i have here, i think; in the problem just created by my father’s malfeasance is…

NO. I am sitting here with mtmy head in my hands.

NO. Not another Novena, not yet. I realize that the Lord was mindful that im finishing the Novena tonight and that i need to seek after his intention in how things got left with my father. My mother was happy; we went out to Costco; her favorite place.

So now i am with Jesus and looking at it through HIS eyes and that is where i need to be and where this Novena has left me.

Hallelujah! Amen.

…okay i have got this under control. Tbis is the TENTH day. I counted the days wrong. The Novena should have ended YESTERDAY. Now it all makes srnse. The while mistake us wirth it to see the clarion call if the truth ring true.

Alleluja! Hosannah in the Highest! Amen.

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