In bed all day

It took all day to sort out yesterday’s end -to-rhe-Novena-that-went-on-for-too -long.  I stayed in bed.  I went to a place where i questioned ALL my praying.  For instance, i took it upon myself to pray rhe Rosary every day.  Is this proper?  Can anybody do it?  And i snapped up every Catholic prayer i ran across, i have an arsenal of prayers and of saints.   And nobody ever said i could.  So my guiding voices say i can pick up with another Novena today; after the rest i had all day today.  It was painful rest, as rest sonetimes is for me; but rewarding in the end.  I have counted out the days of the Novena properly this time   i will play it by ear as to how to fix the DIY Christianity; il start by talking to Sister M about it when i see her on Monday.l, God willing.  They say always be praying but i think i need to be mixing this up with fellowship and works WAY more than i do.  Im trapped here and fighting to hold my place.  Im praying that if my last Novena dud nothing else it changed tge landscape with ne, my mother, and my father.  My mother and i had a lovely time last night and in the end my father kept his peace.  ALLELUJAH!  Amen.

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