In bed all day; 2

Well i finally got out of bed at aound 12 noon  to take a shower and dress for an event this evening.

I continue to have the feeling if the many layers of prayers that i was wound up in, falling off of me.  God told me He liked the praying me.  But im putting in hygiene in its place.  I had a headstart with the nail polish i was drawn to put on last week.  And i have my new clothing.  I have various conditions at the age of 57–life takes its toll–that need attending to daily and here, my mother actively discourages doing so.  For instance she derides efforts made to keep the car CLEAN and in good working order.  Its quite abusive.  People should be good to their cars.  I wont go any further.  My mother his issues.  Its hard to live here and praying all the time was making it possible.  Now instead i have the proactive work of taking care of myself better.  It will temind me of works and fellowship i hope instead of letting myself cave to being her little helpless animal child.

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