My mother reinterpreted

My mother is an uneducated woman surrounded by HIGHLY educated, even POWERFUL women  through her marriage to my father and for other reasons that i have to admit i dont really understand.  She is endearing.  Surely that isnt enough to let her make a hatchet job out of everyrhing i ever tried to do with my life.  I see where she is a pet among these women. and i am a whipping post; and that this has played out since i was in college.

They see me disrespecting her and say that it is because I am a spoiled brat.  I’d like to see her dissing their education.  They lend a one time dissing of me for her sake, over and over and over.  Obviously there is a reason for my behaviour.  The truth is deep.  I was kneed in the crotch by my brother and had a subtle but overwhelming disability.  One that didn’t make her look good.  “Get dressed or I’ll dress you myself” she said when I was so depressed and ill I couldn’t move.  She had a difficult situation, my father “can barely keep his hands off of me.”  I handled it badly.

Meanwhile i have a child of my own now.  That’s a MIRACLE!  It reminds me of the song by Janis Joplin (???)  “Dear Abby.”

“Dear Abby, Dear Abby, you won’t believe this/

My stomach makes noises whenever I kiss…/…”

And I know that nothing she does can really harm me.  The Lord gives me signs and sacraments.

Just like when YOU had kids MOM.  The LORD made a way for you.  Now He is making a way for me.  So back down.

I think that it is because of the ectopic pregnancy that she does things that are so upsetting

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