Im going to be baptized!


Sister M. says dont worry about all that praying i stopped doing, the Lord will show you how He wants you to pray: fellowship, works, and better hygiene definitely ARE good uses of that time.

She said pick a date for your Baptism.  Its finally real.  So i put iip a private post about the battle with my mother.  Its all gone away.  Mother Mary spoke to me last night.  It gave me the courage to get through the day until now. My mother’s playbook is null and void against a Catholic Christian.

The Good Book says boast of your saviour  sing about Him all night long  and all day long.  So that is what i am going to do.  Oh and also my second book, “Every Cloud… A Collection of Short Works” is going into the final phases if production and should be available at by sometime  ext week; possibly the following week.  You can get “California, a Pro-Life Novel,” there now, just search “Abigail Hll” at the online bookstore.

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