Practical Problem

Thete is a practical problem hete that needs to be solved.  My mothet is flying to an end of the world scenario of putting me in the state hospitalk where there is a practical situation if my being provided for that doesnt warrant anhy such intervention.  They are using somethinbh i said after the birthdy dinner against me when I was just standing up for my rightsx as a disabled person.  sSure they have rights but so do I.  Because of what he did to ne and hiw their covering it up all my life gradually destroyed me.  But with the help of strong intervention since my last suicude ayye mpt, i have regained valuable ground and i am capable of productive activity: going to church, my blog now has 75 followers.  I am managing my life WELL–theres just not a whole lot to do right now.  But im keeping up with all my necessities like going to my therapy and med visits and managing my meds.  My therapist gave me a gliwing report the last two times i saw her.  She wont let rhis happen ro me..  im also reading a really Good book called “The Wounded Heart, Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse.” It is right on target and is helping me with a lifetine of SHAME.  Like the issue of my Christian faith life, this is activity which they are nio are not accounting for in the silliness if what rhey are saying abiut me.  I am a veritable whirlwindof activity, I am also doing lots of Christian reading for my Baptism classes and am about to be baptised which they don’t want.
Today is the last day of my SECOND Novena to St. Jude.  I can only keep praying for “speedy and visible help” “where help was almost despaired of.”  Amen.
THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS IS OVER on my flying at my mother in a helpless rage when I was 24 and coming out of the overdose.  Yes she took a nasty bneating.  I, in turn, lost my female and general functionality never to regain them and inreturn was treated like a criminal even when I had a newborn child, it never stopped.  Oh St. Jude Please pray for me.
Oh yes, I am also constantly in prayer for every part of my son’s life as well as for my relationship with him.  It is a profound work of  Love.  And I live for the brief moments I enjoy with him.

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