An Old Friend is the Best Friend of All

Staying with her at a hotel by the waterpark.  Woke up at 4 this morning having actually slept for about 4 houts wirhout waking uo.  This is a first in the last 2 years or so that ive taken the Clozaril, which usually makes me wake up all night long to spit out the extra saliva it causes.  My friend slept and was ready at 4 ti get up.  I was exhausted from being up asll day the day befgore. When for about a week i had been laying in bed fearing attacks from my mothet.  It eas very frightening.   My friend–im going to call her Priscilla–knows me from before all the b.s.  we were roommates at boarding school for 2 years.  She reads me very diffete ntly from my mother and my family and present  psych providets.  She was there when i first broke down when i was 21.  And she had her own issues.

She decided this morning to extend her stay here for another night due yo the weather, im delighted.  There are some issues where my illness in its early years critically affecte her life that i am desoerately trying to resolve.

I left rhe hotel to drive back to rhe vicinity of my parents home where i stay–so that i could vote.  Next stop, my PCP’s office for a roitine follow up visit.  I got here early and they were kind enough to get me into a room early.  The next stop after this will be for food.  Im starving.



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