Who woulda thought…?

Well here i am en pointe at 57—who woulda rhought it?  Im backvat “Hutton, ” age 17, 1979. To do a kttle tidying and re “point”ing.  Arrived on campus for rhe furst day of Freshman week withoutva a change of clirhes, landed at Kingston airpirt and asked directions ti get to the subway and from there to Oxton to find my dorm.  As i am tyoing the soft sounds of unimagineabke grace are speaking to my heart.  Its the sound of my fathers voice.  Hes 85.  He could die at any time.

My mother and i got into the class issue.  She actually said it out loud.  “Im better”she said.  So i said “TNOK”  thats what rhey ysed rmti say at Wayland.  “Theyre Not Our Kund””  so she said, what dudvit mean? Trying to bacj ne down   i said, ” it neans yiure not in the loop.”  She was making pancajes.  She ket it drop and then later, after we ate u webt bacj ri her   i saud.  In England you look to the queen and rhats speciak but in America we gave oride of kur own.


Through my meeting with my dear old friend i have my Akma Mater bakj , not colkege but high school, even more important.  Those ties cut so deep.

I dontbknow where it goes from here but this momnt is sweet.

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