I waited for a time, a time, and a time and a half for news regarding my “pro-life mailing” of “California, a Pro-Life Novel.”  (See sticky post at the top of this blog.)  I googled the username abbyhillonline at some point and iwas directed to an old post, its been a while and i am coping with a personal trauma.

Then i googled lulu and cane up with gsrbage about lulemon, a fitness purveyor supposedly with a shopfrony at the near y major mall.  What i am noticing is the painful entire lack of anttention. By nasty psople, probably including my father–this is his forte.  Like when that man in ?Texas? Shot and killed an abortion doctor a couplee of years ago and there was a total white out in the news.  Well i didnt harm anyone.  I cleverly used an oppryunity to make a point i didnt shoot anybody or rhreaten anybody i just made people rightfully uncomfortable.  They are punishing me to make themselves feel better bacause it worked.

Ive been in fir weeks now fighting this pall but another unanticipated personal issue had blindsided me out of the waters i was in into a whole new chapter of my life.

Sad today.

I remember hearing–while my book was still in production–about a CONEDIAN doing a COMEDY spot about ABORTION  for SEVETEEN MAGAZINE.  And i thought, NO.  You put that out there ill put this out there.  Yes, thats funny.



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