Suicide moving into half lives

The gone missig and the shock of the finding of rhe body are passed.  The ground zero of the pain of the loss is moving off.  For about three days everyrhing held a reference to my brorhers death.  I cried again today.  But its over.  As i prayed the rosary today i was reminded of how i had been shown that i would be praying it just the same way 5 years from now and i didnt know what it meant.  Now i understand.  I wull be praying about my brother and my family for the next 5 years.  Catching up on a lifetime of grinding gears and stalled out mives.

God forgive my brother for what he did.  Forgive me for when i tried to do it.  How STUPID.  God i didnt understand that you LOVE us.  God i didnt understand DEAD.   Please Lord work a saving grace in rhe luves if my mother a nd fathet.  My mother has committed serious crimes.  They are old but these these cant be overlooked.  Please Lord bring peace into my soul.

God firgive my brother fir 

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