Writing my way out of my blog

With my baptism on Satuday comes a restoration of old faith and, unbelievably, faith enough to declare my old vocation, which is to write.I never really stopped but for a while i couldnt even write a check.  Because of the medication I was taking, Tegretol, the sound and feel of the pen touching the paper made me lose my train of thought.  Reverse reflex conditioning caused my mind to become increasingly disorganized and now, 30 years later, with the help of wild crazy blogging and talking to lost and forgotten friends who showed up with training in psychotherapy (and, more recently one with a background in fashion!) my thoughts are coming together.  I have kept this blog for about 2 years and stayed safe and appropriate –which my old blog WASNT–and from here i am able to face the blank page.  I have 2 books taken from blogging but they havent sold.  I have to take the plunge, break the mold and write an actual book. 

Dear reader, pray for me as i fight off my selfish asnd deranged father who is a baptised Catholic turned atheist whose only reaction to my baptism and the good news about ny vocation is to reference over dinner last night some man’s daughter who was both a writer and a prostitute. 

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