Throwing hot coffee at my son, getting tasered

In 2011 or thereabouts, when i was off medication because i had just been on a posych ward which had duscharged me with a prescription for an anti-psycotic medication costing $1000 a month; i had a very nasty episode involving my son and his girlfriend. He had shoved me in the lower abdomen because i said she couldnt sleep over.  My bladder was already compromised and this was the final straw.  I lost my motility and couldnt get out of bed.  I had already been in bed for a week over his walking me around the dining room with my arms over my head.  This is very stressful to the body and painful.  His father must gave done it to him.  This was over ny interfering with their moving furniture.  He had brought in his mother’s things. So i was in bed for several weeks.  I was was crying all the time and writing a will and designating my son as heir on my IRAs.  Then one night my ex said he was going to let our family friend’s daughter throw a party in our house.  I was incensed.  I felt like I was dying in there. I dont take myself seriously enough so nobody else does either.  My bladder was damaged.  That night my son and some  friends and the girlfriend came over and were having a small party.  I was getting more and more paranoid upstairs in bed–mostly about the girlriend–and finally decided to gi downstairs but not without a weapon.  Remember, i was off psych meds.  In the back of my mind–i have to be honest–was in fear of Al Quaida.  I cant say why but it was a reaal reason. Cutting to the chase, i wound up throwing the coffee at my son, expecting to hit his body.  He leaned DOWN to avoid it and it struck him RIGHT IN THE EYES.  I dont know how he wasnt blinded! Now its almost 2019.  It all happened so fast i couldnt remember it clearly but now i have.   That coffee was practically boiling.  I had made it on the stove.  I call it cowboy coffee. Next thing i knew the cops were there–my son had been trying to stop me from calling them.   And there was a huge  scene.  Next thing i knew the police were talking to me and i refused to let them cuff me because i didnt want to go to the psych ward.  I didnt really understand what was happening.   I said i was afraid of Al Quaida and next rhing i knew I flipped head over heels and landed on my head on the tile floor that was in the front allway.  They had tasered me. Then i was at the psych ward with a bad concussion and deeply confused for about 18 days.  Then they released me to my mother and i came back here (to PA, where i am now.)  At that time i had the clarity and the means to escale.  I sensed a trap.  They were furious over my blog.  I got away and went back to Florida.   Here its 7 1/2 years later and somehow–its taken 8 years! They’ve sucked me in back in. The tasering had a galvanizing phyical effect.  For 4 or 5 years i was getting after shocks. Generally if i laid down in the couch tired in the evening id get a sort of seizure rhat lasted several minutes.  Its gone away now.  But it helped to move me through my spasms and the whole lifelong nervous condition due to being kneed in the crotch as a little girl.  I am able to stand up and be a woman. So yes i guess it has healed the push in the lower abdonen as well.  Jt us A MIRACLE that my sknsceyes weee tbhurt.  Like my bladder, they were already damaged–the dart in the eye–he had a terrible injury while we were away in England–its a long story which i someday may tell… and my son and i have  both learned a lesson:  he doesn’t know his own strength.  Later he learned this lesson the hard way.  I learned–and i am needing to know this right now–that going off the medication can create violent incidents.  I need to know it right now because, after a day and a 1/2 off the meds it is unthinkable to stay on them.  These meds are drowning my consciousness. Still–i might have to keep taking them.  Ill be thinking about it.

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