A message

This is a message to Sister M.

I hope that she gets it and that she takes it.

I wanted to let you know that it wasnt abnormal what you did, how you reacted, when i talked to you about details of my psychosexual disability. I understand now that it came across as talking dirty. This wasnt what i intended. I thought it was safe talking to nun about it. I thought that your training would enable you to dustance yourself. It was a relief to voice it aloud to a live person. Ive talked about it online in forums, ive bligged about it and people are free to walk away. Theraspists and the few others i have confided in aloud and in person dont like my talking about it because they cant, i understand, keep from gettung turned on when i refer to certain sexua l aspects of my condition and it is awkward and in some cases they get disgusted.

One therapist finally realized rhat i didnt want a sexual relationship, i was just trying to communicate about my problem. I had shown him some pictures including one with a miniskirt showung rhe tops of thigh hi stockings. I was onfatuated with him but it was part if a therapeutuc mulieu that was helping me with some very painful issues. It ended with hus cutting me off because u was getting him in trouble. It wss years befire i asccepted it. In the end he preserved his professional stature and i learned a lesson.

I have had TWO serious sexual injuries. It gets in the way of relating to people. People dont know how to take me.

So, Sister M, you are not alone. You think i am sone little nobody who has shamed you but actually i have quite a high profile and you will be noticed for how you treat me. Others have been in rhe same situation with me so dont do anything stupid.

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