The problem with my marriage and motherhood is that it started with a rape. Mybex had me pinnrd diwn. Wevwerent using a ny orotection. H exoexmcted him to pull out. Then, at the last minute, he cried out, “Let me come deep inside you! Tell me you live me until the end of time! There was no way out from under him. In panic and drsperation, i opened up to him, thinking, “Let it be consensual.” But it wasnt. So many years later i realized he must have been trying to secure the Green Card marriage. So i am starting tgere with my cry to God to fux this situation. Akk my csrdscare on the table; everythingbhas come full circle. What remains is for a final determination to be made, either we remarry or reunite or he pays the aliminy so rhat i get out if thus horrible poverty.

Its Christmas. My son is going to Florida to see his father and our old friend. My mother and father are going west to see my suster sbd her husband. I will be here alone.

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