Rescue at the urgent care clinic

Had a lovely Christmas alone with the cats: my son’s who i always take care of, and my mom’s, who loved the unusual attention. I was sick with a UTI and at the ER on Monday morning, Christmas Eve, they kept me for 4 hours because of all the pain in my lower abdomen. They thought i had diverticulitis. That turned out to be incorrect, but it reminded me of the serious trouble i had been having with my lower GI. The CAT scan showed that i was currently constipated and they did find an e coli UTI infection doubtless from the episides of diarrhea.

So i tealized that the lonely Christmas was a God-given opportunity to rest.

I made a lovely lamb chop dinner; i only had to buy a few things; my Mom already had the lamb chops and some vegetables. I bought a potato to bake and i baked it in the oven instead of cheating and using the microwave.

Anyway, cutting to the chase, on the way to my car to go to the ER early Monday morning–at atound 530 am–it was still dark–i fell on some stone steps and hurt my knees. I was crying it felt so rude. The right knee continued to hurt all day and when i woke up Tuesdy (Christmas) morning i realized i wasnt going to make it to church: not only was my knee hurting and my lower GI and my urinary tract; i had also forgotten to pick up gas on Monday and i didnt have quite enough to be safe. Si i called Sister M. after the fact (after sleeping in) and exlained why i hadnt been able to make it to the 10 am Mass.

So today i canceled my psychotherapy appointment, as i still was feeling low; my mother and father returned ftom their visit to my sister in Westetn PA, and immediately went to bed to rest; and here i am at the urgent clinic about 20 minutes from home and at first it felt like a godsend: a long wait in a pleasant, comforting setting. After about an hour and a half i went out for a cigarette and that didn’t go very well. When i came back in i began to panic.


As i finished typing that, and was thinking of my bext senteblnce rhey came to take me back.

Well they took an xray if my knee and it cane up clear. I fekt a littke foolish.

“Just beeds a home,” tge doctor said to the tech. They’re good like that here. Im crying a little in my heart. I’m outside in the parking lot. I’ll grab dinner at the Wawa befire u gi home. Back to the battlefield.

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