I disbelieve Sister M. that my marriage is invalid. She herself strongly encouraged ne to trust that i had “baptism of desire” before i was baptised.

And before i met my husband i had spent 2 years in religious “training” with a born again Chrustian friend from the state hospital. She was a schizophrenic and it turned out that she had some undesirable sexual ussues. But she was a very sincere Christian and incredibly knowledgeable on faith matters. It would be arrogant to ignore that she desired my baptism.

And ny ex husband was bapised as a child so we were able to marry as–the Sister explained–the sacrament of marriage is performed by the huaband and wife upon each orher. What rhat means about rhe divorce i dont know. I never applied for an annulment so i assume we must still be married in the eyes of the church (according to my interpretation.)

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