My book

My book–i don’t know if it is an autobiographical novel or just plain autobiograohy–is hung up on 6 slices of pizza left in the fridge in a Holiday Inn near a waterpark bearby. I also dont know if its my book that’s held up or just my life, but here i am m to post about it. I have been posting privately about issues of perversion and how to navigate them in my book. If it ever becomes a book. I have an outline and one and a half pages. Actually i also have two other starts, but im pretty sure rhe last one is the best.

Well you wont see me posting so much right now because everything that is going down is materiak fir the book: i am living it!

As for the pizza, i guess i just have to let it go. It was really good and also really expensive but i decided to leave it and i dont see why i should treat it any diffetently from anything else.

One thing rhat i will say about whats gooing on is that i came to a breaking point last Friday a week ago and it took all week but i finally realized that the moment was like every other dam relationship breakup. It gets me the same way every time. Im saving the details for my book!

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