Two very sick people

Just ran into a bad patch after my last post which involved getting put on the spot regarding my son’s promised, belated visit to my mother for her birthday tomorrow. I have expressed dismay at her taking over my son.

Then as i was processing this i was thinking about my poor blasted face and that my echusband doesn’t want to have sex with me any more. And i thought about my mother’s indescribably pretty face st 80 and i realized rhat ahe is constantly concsious all day long every day of rhe prettiness if her face and my father is rhe same about his face. Its really a little bit bizarre. I remember that i was that way in college. All i ever really thought about was how pretty i was. And i wasnt even that pretty. I was kind of average. I rbought i was tbe prettiest girl in the unuverse.

When they have a victory they put on their wedding video and cheer and admire their yourhful beauty.

People say they are delightful and i guess they are but i wouldn’t recommend them as parents.

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