Visit from my Sister

Well! I havent been here for well over a month.

My book has 48 pages si far and i am roughing in headers.

My sister and her husband are here fir tge weekend and the proof of the Holy Spirit has shown itself. I saw my sister and my mothers closeness and that there was a family for them and and my brother and father that didnt include me. This was a very painful realization. (My brother committed suicude just before Thanksgiving. My motber, when she came over, told me they were going through old photographs. I had heard them upstairs laughing and this helped me to understand.

The Holy Spirit bumped me forward to a place where i saw how i had been used for their fun and benefit and how they owe me a free ride now for as long as it takes me to wrire my book. And that He will bring me back together with my ex-husband after it is complete and this is my ex’s wish.

Allelujah! Time to let it go about my family and move on. “They’ve danced to the tune, now its time to pay the piper.”

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