Up All Night

I was up ALL NIGHT last night, laying still in the dark. My sister and her husband were here, and my son canceled a date in order be here to see them.

Something horrible happened. Well, it happened some 18 years ago. Thats the trouble I’m having. It feels like its happening now and i need to do something.

Mom got caught out inadvertently on a video from my brothers effects (he recently committed suicide.) It was capturing his son, my nephew, who must have been just a year or so old, maybe a year and a half, he was on his feet; in the nude. Suddenly my son showed up and everybody wad shouting “Here’s —!” And my son usually does get a reaction like that but this was awful. He would havce been 7 or 8. He was rolling around on the floor and looked sick and disoriented. His cousin clambered up on top of him. Everyone in tbe video was telling him to play with his cousin whose name i cant give, tbis is very sensitive.

It was really bad and i walked away in shock.

Somehow i got through the evening with everybody here; my sister and brorher-in-law left around 1100 and my son left on a brunch date and will return later he said. I told him that i wanted to talk. The Lord has laid it all out beautifully.

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