How do i handle her?

I knew that she meant trouble for me, my brother and my family within a few minutes of meetiing her. She was a Colunbia University Comp Lit graduate and a Mabhattsn socialite. She caught the Seiko wristwatch and the Harvard grad sister and saw the opportunity she was looking for. So i invited them out for drinks at the local bar restaurant to put up a show of resistance but i discovered that i didnt have any suitable clothing. I went out in a frumpy long skirt and ordered a brandy Akexander and felt like an idiot. “Oh you used to go out like this all the time,” my brother said, It was so embarrassing.

So she divorced him and in the end he committed suicide. Tonight my mother was on the phone wirh her, she has hooked back up with her over details of my brothers death she is thrilled to be talking to her again. Its sad but its more dangerous than sad. My norher and father would send me up rhe creek a thousand times over just to have a little bit fron Annette.. in faft thats exactly what they did do, and that’s rhe “tune” that they danced to (from a recent post, “Visit from My Sister”) that they have to “pay the piper for” now.. My sons life and death hang in rhe balance.

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