Writing; Fighting

The clouds out my newly cleared out window look like punctuation: two small dark ones over a small white one.

Today i am writing my heart out. I am writing for my son’s life. I an writing for my salvation. I am wirking on my book. My therapist directed me to Ephesians 6: 10-20 The Armor of God. She showed me how to grow my faith to field this awful and terrible revelation about our past brought on in this video clip of my son that shows him so ill and compromised. You dont just sit back and do nothing. I already know what i am going to do. It all falls into place. I am going to ask my psychiatrist for a referral back to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Affective Disorders Unit where this mess started 24 years ago. “The best inpatient psychiatric facility IN THE WORLD,” the claimed. But oh boy did they screw up.

I wont be getting in to see my psychiatrist for another month. Dont know what to do about it.

In the mean time its a fight to stay here and i have to handle it all right now as it comes up.

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