The Wall

Well in my book i am coming to a breakthrough and that means that i am in my life also. They are one and the same. I am taking the night off to reflect on matters of the end times because my book is reaching critical mass where i can no longwr put these issues aside with a toe-dabble and a laugh. My Catholicism pays no mind to it. My boss at my first job after college explained it to me, sort of. And ive seen bits if Hollywood takes on it and some Christian film. It doesn’t really amount to an education but then there’s immanence and my own radical and brutal exoerience of life–and my son’s–these would WELL be salved by turning ourselves over to a last times scenario if it held water.. So i’m putting off my book for the night.

Oh, as far as the matter of the border Wall, my question will be, “How does that read from an end times perspective?”

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