Whole New Day

Well yesterday i wrote that i was trusting my father again; well on some things, yes; but i opted OUT of trusting him on the moment with the restaurant owner i worked for in high school. He was protecting himself! Because the denouement if the incident at the restaurant included my running away from home, writing an essay about it that got me into Harvard, and in the meantime my father took it upon himself to come onto me himself. TOTALLY RUINING MY LIFE. And hes been lying about it to this very day.

So i interrupted them in the middle of watching a film last night and said so and its the first time i ever confronted him to his face in front of my mother. He tried to face me down but he couldn’t! Because he was lying! It happened, what i said.

So he ran away from me and went upstairs when i went over this afternoon to see my mother. She was kind enough to bring me some food from Wegmans.

They went out to dinner; or tried to. Their friends weren’t there! The reservation was for tomorrow night!

So tonight we’re all a little lost. Its Friday night. Its late. Too late to work on ny book.

I hope to wake up to a world i know tomorow. Im not sure it will be.

I guess what i need is Gods grace for all of us.

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