I am not.

I took a public stance when I moved to Florida as accountable for my attitude and ideas on the Black White race issue. Because I had done so on the psych ward in Maryland, during the OJ Simpson trial and Clarence Thomas meetings in 1995, where so many of the staff were black. And afterwards in the community there where there were so many of so many different races.

In Florida the race issue was huge and volatile and immediately i fell into reverse prejudice. It was clear that there was no right thing to say. I told my son, just show love to black people because they could probably use it. And I opened the doors for black women at the mall. Somehow it seemed appropriate. And they didnt seem to mind.

But then there came Obama and I was challenged to choose between my fondness for pro-black rhetoric and my deep commitment to the pro-Life cause. I had to challenge Mr. Obamas rhetoric in that his appeal to Blacks didnt make any sense on a pro-Abortion platform. Now I understand that Mr. Obama was not running specifically as a Blagk man. That was not his stated intent.

Oh come on. The double blind whole gist of the bid for the presidency was to break the color barrier.

So, HE is an accountable racially motivated president.

I was held accountable for statements about race which were legitimate parts of the argument about abortion and I got held againsst my will for it. They werent nice thing to say. But abortion isnt nice. And no matter how nasty they were. REGARDLESS of what i said it was ILL4GAL to hold me against my will, which they did at the Tampa General Hospital, for making racist remarks, no matter how nasty they were.

I made some intellectual comparisons about race that could be taken the wrong way; and were; he showed that he intended to crap all over my pain over my aborted children.

So I was released on a Wtit if Habeas Corpus as was proper. YEARS later, i am safe again. A madman has left the office.

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