This takes me way back.

In South Allentown, around summer 2015. I became unpopular around town, “town” being the supermarket corner strip mall with a Giant, Cost Cutters, et cetera. My daily experience ran over into my blog and some didnt like that.

And I got embarrassed. This was in the midst of my heavy smoking, obese, chronic-acute constipation, and psychotic bug phobia; I am out of all this at the time of this writing.

Wow. I guess I needed to come here just to say that. Because mental illness and unpopular are relative. I am feeling better today than I have ever felt in my life. And, in the middle of this something completely ridiculous happened yesterday–when I went to the supermarket. Someone in the lane behind me said ” Someone should call the police” while i was fumbling with my welfare card, store card, and debit card to pay for my split order. I just didnt know what to make of it. I drove home and thought, well yes, Honestly I’d like to up your face off ” to the Puerto Rican cashier and the Black, middle aged male customer behind me, because ive experienced so much reverse racism as a return psychiatric patient that I go blind when I see color and think HATE. Oh, I’m ethnically white, pure Celtic and AgloSaxon

But that’s my private struggle and not a matter for the police. Apart from that, how can you call the police on someone– simply for going to the supermarket? No matter how strange they may seem.


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