The verdict is in at the M. Household

Coming in from the main house, through the spring room and conservatory to the cottage side; I have left them watching the news againt Trump.

I witnessed for him, saying, “How could you expect this poor man to function with all this negativity going on? He’s only human.” He had just stated that he wouldnt cooperate on “infrastructure” until the hearings stopped. So they went to the question of impeachment and, as they have before, they made a comparison with Nixon. Now this is RUDE. And UGLY. Donsld Trump is a NICE MAN. He is trying to do something GOOD FOR HIS COUNTRY. His fault is that he is POLITICALLY INEXPERIENCED. He is just like YOU OR ME. How would you like to have your butt out there hanging in the breeze? He is not a career politician. He is fresh and vital and new. He brings vitality to the office of the Presidency

I will say something right out that needs to be said. Donald Trump is vitally necessary to restore public safety in the wake of Barak Obama’s black man’s predidency. Donald does not present himself as a racist or a white supremacist. He presents himself as “ethnically white”–as so many of us do in these times. Just like a black man in office gives a special helping hand to a black, so does as an ethnically white man in office help out his ethnically white constituent. We were SCARED. Most of us had tried to love and help blacks. The didnt CARE. All they knew was a white face =HATE.

Okay, so now we know.

We will have as much if Trump as the Lord gives us. I cant believe that God would permit this blameless man to be impeached.

So, at the M. household in SE Pennsylvsnia, Trump has won the day. There will be no further talk of impeaching or further investigating this honest man.

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