Road kill

Two things I mind about; pets; neutering pets; and road kill.

I guess I let my mind wander too much for too long. And I was suffering some street psychosis: from the state hospital; and living in a chair in my mothers garage where i was permitted to smoke.

When i wasnt doing that I was driving the country roads, stopping at diners. After one of Daisys four kittens was hit crossing the road at the end of this farmhouse property, I started picking up on all the animal carcasses. Oh Gahd, there were so many. That was the beginning of the serious distortion of my mind. I cared more about the animals than I did about people.

As for pets and neutering of pets, I see now that pets are Gods little helpers, that we have authority over them; also that God intercedes for them as He just has for my sons cat Travis, who has returned from exile– an adventure as a barn cat for about 2 months. I caught him and brought him in the night before last. These were my sons orders. He was meowing and came out from behind the side of the barn.

I sensed that he wanted”in” again. I was worried, but I realized that it wasn’t all up to me: how arrogant of me to think so!; God has a plan for him and cares for him. So God has a new assignment for him, back under this humble roof. It is pouring and thundering out there today! He is laying by my feet, safe and dry, facing the challenges of an indoor life again. The Lord shows me to let him have his work. 30 years ago i crashed over not accepting the timing of Daisys kitten, Dorian’s, death. Now I know bettet than to deprive a feline of his (or her) God-honorig dignity.

So, I was going to say, I HATE neutering and the thought of the meaningless tedium of the life of a pet but i do see now that, when it is done right, a pet has a beautiful place in Gods plan. I’ve learned to turn a blind eye toward road kill.

Then we have cattle that are being butchered still alive after being shot in the head; and sows that are kept in stalls always pregnant and not allowed to turn around.

These last things were news stories that got dropped.

Its unfortunate but as in abortion, although it involves significant cost and inconvenience to humans, something needs to be done about these poor animals. If our food animals are being treated like this for our benefit it is a humanitarian crisis for all of society, just as people can be judged by how they treat their pets.

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