I was puzzled by Actor Christopher Reeves’ life at the end. I thought it was awful that he had to go on livng, after the horseback riding injury that almost killed him, having to plead with his wealthy friends for the millions to maintain him in his altered state after the accident, barely able to move. I was also an Ivy League graduate in an altered stake so it was fair to comment. My mother volunteered that she had read that his mother felt that he should be taken off life-support. His friends objected and volunteered their financial support. Finay I realized that this was none of my business personally but, as a fan, I could appreciate that he had a larger than life role to play in his dying. Just like OJ–who was is in the news this week–couldnt be convicted in common court without being horribly exploited; so, “Superman” couldn’t die of a riding accident. These are our heroes; our superstars; they live and die at our behest. Its the price of fame.

Si, I dont approve of the cause that Christopher Reeves espoused in his invalitude, the escalation of stem cell research; but he was free to claim the impossible for or us all in a celebration of all our Hollywood fantasies.

Finally, God took him home.

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