Off the Cuff

So now Nancy Pelosi is saying Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. He said, in response to a hypothetical question, that he would accept “dirt” on an opponent in the an election, from a foreign entity.

People are comparing Donald Trump to Richard Nixon. The more apt comparison is Bill Clinton, who was held up on “human” charges. Because the question isn’t really whether he is a criminal it is whether he is fit.

Bull Clinton did something disgusting. Too disgusting to even acknowledge it. He desecrated the White House. To my mind, the critical moment was that, with all that going on, he pulled out his pen and casually vetoed the ban on partial birth abortion.

Donald Trump got that right. In the SOTU address he had the courage to decry partial birth abortion and lift up his heart to the God that the Writers of the Constitution rested their principles in.

If Donald Trump were faced with an ACTUAL SITUATION in which he was faced with an entity offering him dirt in an election he would evaluate it and act accordingly. Not a career politician, he is not schooled in appearances and did not have a ready answer to the question.

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