Book Edit

My book is on the shelf for a month, percolating, per the advice of an excellent site I stumbled up upon; surely the Lord is with me; for reaL

I entertained a conversation with my mother this evening, after watching the evening news with her and my father; about the Chinese Horoscope, the mark of the beast (666), and my father’s book. She was trying to be a dutiful wife. But i suffered for years with the knowledge that all our marriages–hers, mine, and my ex’s and mine–were the dreaded 6 years apart–always the sign for a disastrous marriage. MOREOVER. I thought I made a mistake about MY parents marriage. I was sure that my mother was the sign of the tiger, but it “turned out” that that was a mistake. Then, in a spectacular turnaround, as she was born in early January, and the Chinese New Year fell at the end of the month; I was right in the first place. She IS under the Chinese sign of the Year of the Tiger, and their marriage WAS made to be a disaster; my ex and i were SERIOUSLY star-crossed lovers.

One of my therapists in Florida had the answer for this. As a Christian I am not bound to write the script of my marriage according to the Chinese Zodiac. I can be informed by its uncanny and striking representations without it being the be all and end all of how i “write” my life.

So my mother tried to rebuke me with words of praise about my fathers book; as I said, she was being the dutiful wife. My father docks his egoism on the ship of their “perfect marriage.” But Tanner the cat boarded ship this evening as we watched the discussion in the news about Trump; hopping on to the back of the small couch where my Dad sat and engaginng his attention. My Dad got away, as the news programming wound down; and escaped to safety in his 2nd floor library. My mother and i stayed downstairs to watch the arts segment.

With one thing and another I have found refuge in the cottage, where i stay; Travis is with me; Tanner is downstairs.

They will be watching a PBS murder mystery starting at 8. I have watched with them for the last two nights but I think that tonight I will beg off.

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