Out of Politics

Well i have noticed negative feedback for diving into the political fray and i am bowing out. Nobody is paying me to do this. I’m not obligated. It only ever brings grief and heartbreak and harm to my family.

And I am dropping out of the race wars, too, which is where they really make it hurt. I am prime rib to the average Black man OR woman AND the average Puerto Rican man OR woman. White Celtic, Anglosaxon right off the boat. Hell my family immigrated. But I know the language and my family is educated. And I’m mentally ill. There is just too much “play” there. Recently, they had a field day with me on the extended acute care unit where they had me for 8 months after the overdose. One nurse (Hispanic) made me eat breakfast with a plastic spoon because i was late for the meal. Im still getting cramps in my lower left abdomen two years and two months later. (Yes, i have serious OCD that way.)

So, there was the nicest Hispanic lady at the downtown apartment I had for a time, who chased a pack of black boys off my doorstep when I was really scared. They were were menacing me.

But after that I ran into trouble with the Puerti Rican women of the EAC Unit: my roommate (a white girl, overweight and quiet like me) said to one of these girls, “f- off, you Puerto Rican Bitch!” when she was ordering her to take a shower. The girl said, “I’m proud to be a Puerto Rican bitch!” So I guess I was just a little too thin skinned about it. I wanted everybody to get along.

I used to think I knew everything. Its reassuring to realize that i don’t, and that i dont have to, and that I’m not responsible to. It’s enough, these days, to know that I am a child of God, and forgiven; and to forgive.

What gets me is the racism if it. They see my super white skin and the accent and they just want to hurt me. It doesn’t matter that i sppent YEARS of my life studying their cause and donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center and opening the door for Black women at the mall.

I could say words but I wont.

All I know to is to offer my love, which was my policy prior to getting into trouble over Barak Obama and his pro-abortion politics.

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