A Letter to Planned Parenthood


This letter was written about terrorists in the Middle East back in 2012 but the comparison with Planned Parenthood bears making as they react to the new anti-abortion legislation.

The Parts of a Terrorist (2012-09-13 05:42)

First, immaturity, then inability to love.

From this is quickly played

the desire for glory; then, brainwashing.

They take something familiar, something dear, trusted, to lead you.

Then, they teach you not to fear by scaring you half to death in every part

—then pulling back just in time

—and you are an initiate, a comrade. That is the brainwashing.

Thorough training is included, of course, to resist the “RC”—

Thorough training

against the word of the Lord. Then you are hard,

but just right—quite charming if you want to be.

A preservation of human skills is requisite,

especially so that you can drop them to show the ugly, cold,

“I don’t care that I’m going to kill you” face. Kill me for this. Go ahead.

I’d love to die a martyr For love.

Be angry.

Take back the nation.

This is not politics but prayerful reflections.

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