Friday Night Adrift

I am using the BAKE function on my nifty toaster oven for the first time. It is well over 2 1/2 years old but I went into the psych ward in late November of 2016 and I am only now coming out the other side. I’ve been living here with my mother and father for about 15 months but I am only now putting the pieces together with the help of my excellent CHRISTIAN psych caretakers. They meant business on the extended care psych unit. They said that they DID NOT want us to enjoy our stay; and they were willing to go to lengths that nobody else had. It helped that the hospital Catholic services and Chapel were located right outside the locked door of the Unit. The Priest was a regular visitor to the Unit.

There, I finally beat 37 years of serious cigarette smoking addiction and succeeded in beating the 50 pounds weight gain from after having my son. I stayed for 8 months. They basically reset my circuits; and now I am reentering my life with clarity and perspective.

Everything is possible.

We have an awesome God!

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