Sorting it out

Well today has been a watershed day, I believe it is called a red letter day; yesterday was the watershed.

All of my issues, having been pared and pruned in my book for many months and then laid aside; came together in my mind in a glorious denouement after setting the book aside to “percolate” on June 9th; I didnt touch it again until last night.

I’m in a mixup because so much has happened in a day and half; and I dont want to “scoop” my book by pulling it all apart here; suffice it to say that I am struggling to keep my mother under control as she attempts to turn MY victory to HER benefit AT MY cost; TYPICAL.

Everything is coming together to the good; i have to trust my intellectual knowledge that my mother is insufficient to upset the Lords applecart. Because, as St Therese of Avila said, ” The Lord alone is sufficient.” And she cant take that from me. Today’s reading in the Catholic newsletter was about the Lords covenant with Abram, and a message to all of us is to trust in the Lords promises, and He is showing me redemption and peace, and it is unbelievable, but after 36 years my life, which i could almost title in total “my mental illness,” is coming full circle, and it begins to seem like I am in the drivers seat again. It is unbelievable to feel the gears connecting again. 36 years is a long time, but in God’s timing, it is a proportionate.



Hosanna in the Highest!


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