Angels Do Appear

My life took a strange new turn last night.

I was in the ER at about 1 in the morning with my 4th case this year of pneumonia +UTI.

A woman came in with a computer and, taking me off guard, she started talking at large about her experience of a doctor who didn’t listen to her about some antibiotics; that she finally fired him. She had the name of a new doctor. Mine!

Mine had refused to see me despite blood in the phlegm. I hadnt fired her yet; this morning; I did.

This woman in the ER was disappointed because she figured not to see my doctor if she was so bad.

Then, the doctor came in. He was brief. He told the woman,don’t go. I was feeling alarmed by our conversation. The doctor told me what I have said: that I have pneumonia and a urinary tract infection as well. For the 4th time this year. Its because of the psych meds. One of them makes me drool at night. I have to spit into a waste basket lined with paper towels. Its disgusting. So the doctor left and i felt awkward, the woman was still there. But she wrapped it up saying, “Remember what I said,” and suddenly i had the clear impression that she was an angel!

She left the room and went about her business, and i tried to remember all she said but for the life of me I couldn’t understand. Now it is 728 the next evening and I’m at a place where the medium is the message. I’m just stunned to have encountered an angel. My son said he prayed for me and I feel sure thats why she came. I know that he was worried about me. Because I was scared and i had texted him. And there has been some deep serious prayer intention.

So, tonight, I am just sitting with this, too tired to fo anything else. Wondering what it means for the future..

So, angels are real!

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